About Us

If you live in Andover and North Andover, you know yours are singular communities rich with history, culture, values, entrepreneurial spirit and ambition.

The Andovers Magazine is designed specifically to capture the spirit of your towns and tell their many stories.

For readers, The Andovers is a one-stop publication for uniquely local stories about people, trends, dining, entertainment, fashion, business, recreation, education, shopping, and the arts. It's also a publication in which you'll stumble across your neighbors and friends.

For advertisers, it's a chance to reach all the people who shop, dine, play, work and live here.

Our staffers are intimately acquainted with The Andovers; all have written for the two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning Eagle-Tribune, your local newspaper of nearly 150 years. To make story suggestions or comment on the current edition of The Andovers, contact Editor in Chief Tracey Rauh at 978-946-2242, or via e-mail, trauh@theandoversmagazine.com.