Tracey Rauh Editor in Chief
Tracey is a journalist with extensive experience with New England newspapers, magazines and public relations projects. Her family is originally from Andover and North Andover, so The Andovers has special meaning for her. Contact Tracey with your story ideas and thoughts on the magazine at 978-946-2242, or via e-mail at
A letter from the editor
Rosemary Ford Writer & Associate Editor
Rosemary was sneaky and serious in her responsibilities for Found, our local shopping catalog that in this issue is a “Mean Green Machine” (Page 14). With the help of photographers Carl Russo and Angie Beaulieu, she hit the streets and popped in unannounced at a variety of locations. “Luckily everyone was a good sport and accommodated the crazy writer with a photographer in tow,” she said. Rosemary also reported in at the former Glory restaurant in Andover, where the Pappadopoulos siblings have opened Andolini’s (Page 28); caught up with Julie Paige at the Paige Conservatory in North Andover (Page 22); and worked it for Working It with Indra Salon and CoCo Collection (Page 40). When she isn’t springing stories on an unsuspecting populace, Rosemary is features editor for The Eagle-Tribune and writes for several of its sister publications.
Joe MyersChief Designer
Joe was amazed to discover that The Eagle-Tribune doesn’t really look dramatically different than it did 50 years ago. “OK, the nameplate has changed and, of course, now we have color,” he says. “But the same basic principles still apply.” Joe had a blast of nostalgia while recreating the 1964 Lawrence Eagle-Tribune front page, which was used in the photo shoot for our cover story, “It’s A Mad World” (Page 48). “I wasn’t around yet, but it’s the paper my dad would have read while smoking his pipe.” In addition to his role at The Andovers and its sister magazines, Joe also designs for the mother newspaper.
Amy Sweeney Photo Director
‘Photography was spectacular’ is one of the comments judges in the Community Newspaper Holding Co.’s Best of 2011 contest had to say when awarding The Andovers the first-place prize as Magazine of the Year, Amy says. “This four-year anniversary edition certainly lives up to that and other accolades given to the publication’s photo, editing and writing team.” Amy has been a photographer and editor for more than 25 years in the North of Boston region. When it comes to all things photography for The Andovers and its sister publications, Amy is at the heart of making things happen. Contact Amy with photo ideas at 978-946-2497 or via e-mail at
Mary Schwalm Staff Photographer
Mary enjoyed writing and photographing a story on Community Supported Agriculture, but not quite as much as she savored eating the harvest as a participant. (See “Sharing the Bounty, Page 60.) “I made some new edible friends in the process,” she says. “And I’m so looking forward to another exciting season.” Mary joined North of Boston Media Group in the fall of 2010. She is a prize-winning photojournalist for The Andovers, The Eagle-Tribune and its sister publications.
Carl Russo Staff Photographer
Frank is a freelance photojournalist who has been working with The Eagle-Tribune and its sister magazines for many years. He lives in North Andover and Seabrook Beach with his wife, Angela, and two daughters.
Frank J. Leone Jr. Contributing Photographer
Frank is a freelance photojournalist who has been working with The Eagle-Tribune and its sister magazines for many years. He lives in North Andover and Seabrook Beach with his wife, Angela, and two daughters.
Bill Burt Staff Writer
A hearty welcome back to Bill, a 29-year veteran reporter and editor at The Eagle-Tribune and occasional contributor to The Andovers and its sister magazines. Bill uses his experience and insight — along with his own love of the sport — to ace a story about Andover resident Clive Fazioli’s powerful bond to one of the Merrimack Valley’s most beautiful courses, Renaissance Golf Club in Haverhill (“Renaissance on a Roll,” Page 38). A lifelong golfer, Bill has suffered a bit of a midlife crisis on the greens recently: His son, Maxwell, 15, beat him every time they’ve played since Dad celebrated the Big 5-0 last September.
Helene Spoto Contributing Writer
If you want to know what vegetables are at their peak during the spring season, step into Helene’s kitchen (Dining In, Page 34). “Finding the freshest vegetables of the season is easy when you know what to look for,” she says. Helene owns Sentry Financial Planning with her husband and business partner, John. She also is a cooking instructor who has her own cooking show, “Healthy Cooking for Life with Helene Spoto. Visit her website,
Alexandra Pecci Contributing Writer
In reporting her story about local physician Lawrence Johnson, Alexandra learned that while Haiti’s devastating earthquake might have happened two years ago, for its people, the disaster might as well have been yesterday. “Seeing Dr. Johnson’s photos and hearing his stories about caring for people in Haiti was eye-opening,” says Alexandra, who interviewed the local doctor about his experience with his son providing medical care in the impoverished nation. For her second story, Alex explores a lighter topic: doggy day care. And despite her allergy to canines, she says she didn’t sneeze at all during her visit to the Dog Nanny house (see story, Page 34). “The place was spotlessly clean,” Alex proclaims. “I couldn’t believe that dozens of dogs romped through there every day.” Alex is a frequent contributor to The Andovers magazine, as well as its sister publications, Cape Ann and Merrimack Valley Business. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband, Brian, and daughter, Chloe.
Lars Trodson Contributing Writer
As a proud native New Englander, Lars always has been interested in local culture and craftsmanship. These two interests blended perfectly together in his story about the new C.B. Fisk organ being installed at the Christ Church in Andover (“Andover’s Opus,” Page 52). “It’s the kind of old-school creativity I really enjoy writing about,” he says. A longtime writer and editor at newspapers throughout New England, Lars is a regular freelance contributor to The Andovers and its sister publications.